Need to secure your finance for your property investment?

Let us connect you with ooba Home Loans to get you there.

South Africa’s leading home loan comparison service, ooba Home Loans, has established relationships with SA’s biggest banks, placing them in a prime position to compare home loan rates and get you the best deal.

Ooba Home Loans consultants are on your team. With their experience and specific knowledge of the sector, they will negotiate a phenomenal deal and deliver the best-tailored home loan for you.

How ooba Home Loans services help you:

  • Provide you with multiple quotes to compare.
  • Negotiate rates and terms where necessary.
  • Help complete one application form.
  • Apply to multiple banks, including your own.

Some questions to consider when raising finance for your investment property:

Does taking out a bond make financial sense?

“Even if a buyer can pay cash for a property, it may not make sense to tie up a lot of one’s money in property.”

What are the Tax Implications?

“In most cases, if you are renting out the property, bond interest payments are tax deductible and a reduced tax obligation never hurts.”

Cash or bond purchase?

“If you opt to bond the property, ooba Home Loans can help you acquire the best deal by applying to multiple banks on your behalf.”

Can you get the best deal by applying directly through your bank?

Applying for a home loan through your private banker may not necessarily get you the best deal, as your banker’s priority is to get the best deal for the bank.